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Top quality transcription that captures cultural nuances

MD to MD transcribed over 100 qualitative interviews with parents and children, in both English and Spanish. Because academic research requires a certain rigor, I was happy to find a transcription service that made an extra effort to capture cultural nuances in an authentic manner. My colleagues and I could not have been happier with the top quality transcription services received; their turnaround times, and fair prices. I recommend them to everyone!

Carmen Gonzalez, Ph.D.
University of Washington

Quality Academic Transcription Services

MD to MD Transcription is committed to quality:

We listen to your needs and customize your transcripts accordingly.

Our transcriptionists who transcribe in English have graduated from respected schools and are native English speakers. Our translators are fully bilingual in English and Spanish, with Spanish being their first language.

  • Each transcriptionist is subjected to rigorous testing prior to joining our team, and is hired for their language and grammar skills.
  • Academic transcribers are special assigned to the same account for ongoing projects. This allows them to become more proficient on your project content and needs.
  • Most of our academic transcriptionists have worked with us for at least five years, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

How we maximize accuracy:

  • If your recording has inaudible segments, a senior transcriber/QA editor will review those areas prior to the document being returned to you. We use an “unclear marker” to alert you to any points that still have discrepancies or inaudible segments.
  • If needed, translated documents are reviewed by a second bilingual transcriber to ensure that the target language accurately captures the meanings conveyed in the source language.

How you can help us to maximize accuracy:

  • Specify whether you would like:

Clean verbatim transcripts, with “umms,” “ahhs,” “likes,” “you knows,” and other filler words removed. Please note that for clean verbatim transcripts, we do not alter grammatically incorrect language – we transcribe the audio exactly as it is, other than the fillers, repeated, or stuttered words.

Full verbatim transcripts which capture speech exactly as recorded, including all filler and stuttered words.

  • Provide us with your style guide and we’ll follow your specific format and layout requests.
  • Give us information about your research project, with web links when possible. The more information we can share with the transcriber to familiarize them with your work before they start, the better.
  • Our academic transcribers are used to listening to audio with multiple voices. However, the interviewer can help by encouraging participants to speak clearly and one at a time, and discouraging side conversations that can compromise recording quality. Likewise avoid background noise, tapping on desks, and other disturbances which detract from recording quality. The researcher’s attention to these details allows us to return fully complete and accurate transcripts.

Our work speaks for itself! Contact us for a free quote.