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Affordable, Academic Transcription

Cost-effective, affordable academic transcription is important to us at MD to MD, LLC. We’re serious about saving you time and money.

For English Transcripts:

Typically, we charge you by the length of the audio, and price ranges between $110.00-$150.00 for one hour of voice.

Our price varies by:

The size of your group: Audio between two people is usually cheaper because it is easier and quicker to transcribe than an open discussion with four or six speakers, so larger groups will generally incur an additional cost.

Audio quality: The price increases with the degree of difficulty of the audio because more time is involved to transcribe recordings with heavy background noise, low volume, or other interference. However, as the focus group facilitator you can help. You can keep your academic transcription cost-effective, affordable and keep your cost down if for example you have been diligent in monitoring that participants don’t talk over each other. In these instances, our quote will be cheaper than if you don’t because it takes less time to transcribe.

Unlike other transcription services, we don’t provide you with an instant quote or flat rate because every audio is different. We will give a representative recording a quick listen before providing a quote, so that, unlike other companies that add extra charges after the fact with their claims of flat rates, you can be sure that our quote is the final price. In addition, we don’t charge extra for full verbatim, identifying speakers, inserting “unclear markers” or including time stamps..

Discounts are available for higher volume projects and/or ongoing projects. Our pricing is always competitive and fair because we value keeping you as a client and having you refer your colleagues to us. So, contact us for a free quote.

Spanish to Spanish Transcription:

Spanish to Spanish Transcription is another of the services we offer. Our rates range from $130.00-$170.00 per hour of voice. Again, the price differences are based on the variables already mentioned like number of speakers and audio quality, how technical the text is, and your desired turnaround time.

Discounts are available for higher-volume projects and for ongoing projects. Remember, that once we’ve quoted you the price is final with no surprise add-ons.

English to Spanish Translation Services:

We are happy to offer document translations between English and Spanish. Our standard translation rates average $0.18 per word, with the target document—that is, the Spanish document that gets returned to you—being the one we count.

Again, discounts are available for higher-volume projects and for ongoing projects. Remember, that once we’ve quoted you the price is final with no surprise add-ons.

Contact us for a free quote.

Methods and terms of Payment:

We accept checks and PayPal as well as direct deposit. We are very flexible, so if you have questions about our payment process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our terms are net 30 days.