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Medical Transcription Services

Are you telling me I could have been dictating my patient notes all this time?

image1In 2009 the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (commonly known as HITECH), became law. This provided physicians with financial incentives for adopting Electronic Health Records (EHR) if certain criteria were met for meaningful use while maintaining profitability. At MD to MD Medical Transcription we make physicians more productive by having them dictate their patient notes instead of using their more time-consuming EHR-based tools.

All too often, we hear from providers that they look forward to the day when the technology works for them, instead of feeling like they work for the technology. If you feel this way about your clinical documentation, we are here to help.

EHRs include two main options for documentation input: Point and click, or front-end voice recognition. There is a third option that EHR vendors seldom discuss with providers; enabling a transcription interface. This option allows you to dictate full or partial reports and still meet meaningful use requirements. To use this option, you will need to discuss it with your EHR vendor before you contract with their product.

This is where MD to MD Medical Transcription comes in. We are experts in transcribing full or partial dictation and seamlessly moving the patient notes into a wide range of EHR systems, usually using an HL7 interface. We will work with your EHR vendor to make this possible for you.

Healthcare organizations and physician offices of all sizes use our services because our experienced medical transcriptionists can handle it all. From basic clinic notes to complicated Medico-Legal Reports, clients rely on MD to MD Medical Transcription for our ability to provide fast and accurate transcription services—every time.

Save Time and Money: Point and click in EHR’s takes 4.5 minutes per encounter; front-end voice recognition takes 3.9 minutes. Full or partial dictation takes 2/3rds less time: 1.4 minutes per encounter.

Saving time with dictation enables you to see more patients per day. The extra revenue that time generates—even after your transcription costs are deducted—will significantly increase your monthly profits. Our clients also enjoy no longer having to do data input; physicians, after all, are not secretaries.

MD to MD stands out

Our company has had an association with MD to MD for almost two decades. MD to MD’s knowledge, customer service and execution really stand out and when you deal with them you know that you are working with the best! A truly superior service!

Frank, HIM Director
Redwood City, CA

The best medical transcription service we’ve had in over twenty five years

We have been very pleased with MD to MD Medical Transcription. Not only is the service cost-effective, reliable, with a quick turnaround time, but they are also responsive to special requests. They go out of their way to make sure all our needs are taken care of. They are the best medical transcription service we’ve had in over 25 years in practice.

Dr. Mills
Mountain View, CA