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We save tens of thousands of dollars per year

We have been using MD to MD Medical Transcription for many years, and we are pleased with the service and cost-savings realized. We save literally tens of thousands of dollars annually by using the medical transcription services of MD to MD.

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Cost-effective Medical Transcription

At MD to MD, LLC we know that cost-effective medical transcription is important to you and we’re serious about saving you money. Give us your current medical transcription bill and we’ll aim to beat it.

Typically, we charge medical clients by the line, but pricing can also be arranged per character, page, or length of dictation. There is no one-size-fit-all, flat rate for medical transcription. For example, we offer volume discounts. We do not charge you for static template sections, like letterhead, date stamps, and signature lines that are not touched by the transcriber which would make your medical transcription cheaper and more affordable.

We also do not charge you for:

  • Setup and implementation
  • Letterhead design
  • Support and maintenance
  • Template edits or letterhead changes if you relocate your office
  • Document storage (for up to two years).

Doctors who prepare their own charts via EHR EMR methods are not saving as much money as they believe they are, even taking transcription costs into consideration. Dictation is demonstrably faster and more convenient for clinical documentation, and therefore, is more cost-effective.

Using documentation methods in EHRs, like point-and-click, take 4.5 minutes per encounter. Front-end voice recognition takes 3.9 minutes. Full or partial dictation takes 1.4 minutes per encounter—2/3 less time.

Let’s face it—saving time with dictation enables you, the physician, to see more patients daily, which makes more financial sense. Dictation also eliminates the burdens of inputting data into your EMR.

At MD to MD, LLC we're serious about low cost, affordable medical transcription that saves you time and money. So, contact us today to see how we can help.

Methods of Payment:

We accept checks as well as direct deposit. We are very flexible, so if you have questions about the payment process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our terms are net 30 days.

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