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EHR EMR Medical Transcription Service

In the last quarter of 2015, MD to MD, LLC conducted a full-system upgrade of all hardware and software making us your premier EHR EMR medical transcription service. The increased use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems in healthcare has created a demand for a reliable EHR EMR dictation and transcription service. We have invested substantially in state-of-the-art dictation and transcription technology with you in mind. At MD to MD, LLC we can now work even more effectively with your EHR EMR (Electronic Health/Medical Record) vendors and interface with more EHR EMR platforms than ever before.

There are three ways to dictate:

Dictate over the phone: Dictating via land line is the most common method for most of our providers and our easy call-in instructions provide convenient functions like fast forward, rewind, and pause.

Dictation via smartphone apps: We are excited to announce that we are offering smartphone dictation via an easy-to-use app. This new option will be especially helpful to physicians on the go, including those who dictate for athletes in locker rooms. We will be able to support Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Dictate via digital handheld: Some clients dictate via digital handheld recorders, including Olympus and Phillips. As long as your recording device comes with software that can copy audio files to your computer, we can work with you. We support a wide range of audio formats.

Voice files are uploaded to our voice server:

Whichever dictation option you choose, we promise that your voice files are safe and secure in our fully HIPAA/HITECH-compliant platform.

Directed to transcriptionists who specialize in your work type

Edited/QC’d for accuracy

There are several distribution options for your finalized reports:

Our distribution options are tailored to what is most convenient to you and your facility. Our IT specialists will work with your staff to develop the best solution for you.

Encrypted Email: Encrypted, zipped emails are achieved with 256 bit symmetric-key block cipher, and encrypt and decrypt data in blocks of 128 bits. Emails are also password protected.

Routed to Remote Printer: Remote printing is a seamless, easy, and secure way to receive reports via a printer on your network.

Web-based Interface: Our web-based interface enables you a secure “view” into our servers. You can get a real-time look at which voice files are queued for transcription and which are being transcribed. You can also search for past patient reports, download them locally on your office PC, or route them directly to a printer on your network.

Batch Export / VPN / Interface with EHRs: Clients with EHR/EMR systems that have specific file name protocols often favor VPN batch flat file exports for seamless document transfer into their EHR. Using a secure connection between our facility and yours, we can also transfer files according to your scheduling preference to a shared folder. We will work with your IT department to develop the most convenient method for you that maintains HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

Interfacing via HL7: This method helps our clients maximize on their EHR investments. We have worked with numerous EMR systems to develop and customize interface solutions that save time by returning partial or full reports directly into your EMR. HL7 Interface Engines inbound/download captures patient demographics, etc., while outbound/upload allows for transcribed reports to be returned to the correct location in your EMR system. We will work with your EMR/EHR vendor to make this possible and tweak whatever changes are necessary.