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You cannot go wrong choosing MD to MD

What I know firsthand is that MD to MD provides a quality service! If you are looking for a transcription service to meet this need, you cannot go wrong by choosing MD to MD.

HIM Director, Redwood City, CA

Talk about accurate and timely

MD to MD is accurate and timely. They use initiative and creativity to troubleshoot and then contact us with questions or problems.

HIM Director, Menlo Park, CA

Superior service

I have found their service to be superior in quality to other medical transcription services because MD to MD understands that there are no acceptable errors in medical reporting.

Administrator, Monterey, CA

Quality and Reliability


We strive for the perfect report every time. The “99% accuracy” offered by other transcription services translates to 3-4 errors per page. To us, this is unacceptable especially where your patient health is at risk.


  • We listen to your needs and give you what you want, every time.
  • Our transcriptionists are native English speakers, with qualifications from respected colleges and vocational schools.
  • Our transcriptionists have passed our own rigorous testing, including demonstration of their mastery of medical terminology and strong grammar skills.
  • Medical transcriptionists are special assigned the same dictators within their specialty areas, allowing them to become experts on “their” provider’s style of speech instead of the standard practice of working from a large dictation pool.
  • Most of our medical transcriptionists have been working for us for over fifteen years, which is part of how we ensure reliability and accuracy.
  • All work is proofread by a physician or senior transcriber/QA editor before being returned to your office.

To achieve the accuracy necessary in clinical documentation, you can help

  • Give us your style-guide instructions and we’ll follow your specific format and layout requests.
  • We ask that you provide us with patient demographics via fax, email or networking interface. This increases efficiency and accuracy and helps us ensure that that all header information (e.g., patient names and dates of service) are accurate.

We help with our extra safeguards for accuracy

  • We use an “unclear marker” tag to alert the dictator of a discrepancy and/or inaudible section of voice in the report.
  • If something inaudible is recurring, one of our team members will call to ensure it is corrected before the document is returned

Our technology helps us with accuracy and speed

  • Routine pieces of information (e.g., dictator’s name, date of dictation and transcription) are automatically populated into the patient report. This minimizes margins of human error and the need for repetitive manual data entry.
  • Our platform uses templates for document formatting consistent with your style-guide requirements.
  • Spell check runs occur automatically at the completion of each document to reduce risks of spelling errors.
  • Our system retains addresses for the people you correspond with regularly, saving dictation time and increasing accuracy.

Our work speaks for itself. Get a free quote today.

MD to MD offers quality

I have been working with MD to MD, LLC for years now and my medical transcription service during this time has been outstanding. I have five clinics with different doctors using their service and the timeliness of their reports and the quality of the medical transcription services offered is the best I have seen in my career. They always provide special medical transcription services.

Dr. RJ
San Jose, CA

MD to MD has been most outstanding

I am a physician in private practice for 25 years and have used transcription services from many different companies. MD to MD, has been most outstanding. Their understanding of medical terminology is terrific and the database for physician addresses saves the time it takes to dictate addresses as well.

Dr. Wilson
San Francisco, CA