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Excellent and Speedy

Thanks to MD to MD for your excellent and speedy services.

Andrea Wenzel
Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California

Quick, Accurate, Spanish-to-English Translation and Transcription

I approached MD to MD with a special request to work with a complex piece of audio from my ethnographic research. Any one of the challenges would have been too much for another company: Spanish-to-English translation and transcription, conversation with a minimally verbal child, and part of the recording being audio from a Skype call. Miraculously, the team at MD to MD was able to turn it around quickly and accurately. They were a pleasure to work with and I recommend their services highly.

Meryl Alper, Ph.D.
Northeastern University

I consider myself very lucky to have found MD to MD

In the 18 years I’ve been at MD to MD, the work has always been very interesting and varied. Any questions or concerns I have are answered quickly and efficiently, whether it be technical help and training, medical terminology, format, etc. My salary has always been fair and sent to me without fail for all these years. I consider myself very lucky to have found MD to MD.

Chris Cooper

Steady workflow and open communication

In my 4 years with MD to MD, my hope of a steady workflow and an open line of communication with both quality assurance and the Managing Members have met my highest professional aspirations.  I now work with an excellent team and rarely worry about “flexing” my time.  Many thanks to MD to MD for your high professional and ethical standards that lead to success, both for ourselves and also the clients we serve.

Darcie Buckley

Top quality transcription that captures cultural nuances

MD to MD transcribed over 100 qualitative interviews with parents and children, in both English and Spanish. Because academic research requires a certain rigor, I was happy to find a transcription service that made an extra effort to capture cultural nuances in an authentic manner. My colleagues and I could not have been happier with the top quality transcription services received; their turnaround times, and fair prices. I recommend them to everyone!

Carmen Gonzalez, Ph.D.
University of Washington

We save tens of thousands of dollars per year

We have been using MD to MD Medical Transcription for many years, and we are pleased with the service and cost-savings realized. We save literally tens of thousands of dollars annually by using the medical transcription services of MD to MD.

CFO, Redwood City, CA

Comply with HIPAA security regulations

We have all had to adjust our processes to comply with HIPAA and security regulations. Through all the HIPAA adjustments, MD to MD, LLC has continued to give us superior confidential service.

HIM Director, Atherton, CA

STAT dictations

I would highly recommend MD to MD, as they are always responsive to our questions and available when a dictation needs to be done STAT.

Dr. RJ
San Jose, CA

Fast turnaround

Fast turnaround is what MD to MD is about! This medical transcription service is constantly responsive to special needs, reliable, always personable. I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

Dr. Smith
San Carlos, CA

Efficient medical transcription services

This transcription service is efficient, usually returning reports within 24-hours or less. I find their staff to be receptive and responsible. They are exemplary in every way.

Dr. Jameyson
San Francisco, CA

MD to MD offers quality

I have been working with MD to MD, LLC for years now and my medical transcription service during this time has been outstanding. I have five clinics with different doctors using their service and the timeliness of their reports and the quality of the medical transcription services offered is the best I have seen in my career. They always provide special medical transcription services.

Dr. RJ
San Jose, CA

Talk about accurate and timely

MD to MD is accurate and timely. They use initiative and creativity to troubleshoot and then contact us with questions or problems.

HIM Director, Menlo Park, CA

MD to MD has been most outstanding

I am a physician in private practice for 25 years and have used transcription services from many different companies. MD to MD, has been most outstanding. Their understanding of medical terminology is terrific and the database for physician addresses saves the time it takes to dictate addresses as well.

Dr. Wilson
San Francisco, CA

You cannot go wrong choosing MD to MD

What I know firsthand is that MD to MD provides a quality service! If you are looking for a transcription service to meet this need, you cannot go wrong by choosing MD to MD.

HIM Director, Redwood City, CA

Superior service

I have found their service to be superior in quality to other medical transcription services because MD to MD understands that there are no acceptable errors in medical reporting.

Administrator, Monterey, CA

MD to MD has helped us tremendously

The Los Angeles Dodgers have used MD to MD Medical Transcription for the many years with excellent success. The quick, accurate turnaround has been a great improvement from our previous service. The ease with which this medical transcription service works has improved our physician compliance with documentation and the reports being delivered within 24 hours has helped us tremendously with our paperless documentation system. I highly recommend their service.

Stan, Former Head Athletic Trainer
Los Angeles Dodgers

Very efficient and easy to use

We have been using MD to MD for over a decade now and are very happy with the service we receive. It makes our physicians’ job easier as their system is very efficient and easy to use. It certainly helps me and my staff, as we get the reports returned quickly and are able to keep our files up to date. The people at MD to MD have been very helpful over the years and the service is great!

Dave, Head Athletic Trainer
San Francisco Giants

Couldn’t be happier

MD to MD offered academic transcription services for a large-scale research project that I directed. The transcripts were flawless, turnaround was quick, and they were professional and courteous throughout the process. I couldn’t be happier with the service they provided.

Todd Wolfson, Ph.D.
Founder of the Media Mobilizing Project

Quotation Mark 32tall v2Our company leverages technological innovation to deliver the highest quality medical and academic documentation at the lowest possible cost. We combine the efficiency of digital technology and data management with good old-fashioned customer service to provide customer care that is personal and responsive.

The Managing Members

Quotation Mark 32tall v2Being an OB-GYN and having practiced medicine myself for fifteen years, I understand the MD’s clinical documentation needs firsthand. Our aim is to provide a timely, accurate, inexpensive, and responsive service.

Ian L. Katz Managing Member

The best medical transcription service we’ve had in over twenty five years

We have been very pleased with MD to MD Medical Transcription. Not only is the service cost-effective, reliable, with a quick turnaround time, but they are also responsive to special requests. They go out of their way to make sure all our needs are taken care of. They are the best medical transcription service we’ve had in over 25 years in practice.

Dr. Mills
Mountain View, CA

MD to MD stands out

Our company has had an association with MD to MD for almost two decades. MD to MD’s knowledge, customer service and execution really stand out and when you deal with them you know that you are working with the best! A truly superior service!

Frank, HIM Director
Redwood City, CA